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Michelle Griffin-Wenzel said

at 9:05 am on Mar 20, 2012

Does anyone have a lab type activity they do during the Immune System unit?

Kathy Cady said

at 2:55 pm on Mar 20, 2012

I purchaed the "Diagnosis: You are the Doctor!" from Ward's. The students are given a patient and have to diagnosis what is making them sick. They loved it.

Kathy Cady said

at 1:51 pm on Mar 15, 2012

Just found a nice site with lots of anatomy curricula that is good 7th - high school. http://teachhealthk-12.uthscsa.edu/ This could be modified for different levels quite easily.

Jennifer Johnson said

at 2:34 pm on Mar 13, 2012

Looking for suggestions: starting human body with 7th graders (have taught HS A&P, but this is my first year at 7th grade)...
Focusing on: digestive, cardiovascular, skeletal and overview of organization. I need ideas that are age appropriate for 7th grade. Please e-mail me anything you have... johnsonjennife@aasd.k12.wi.us

Kathy Cady said

at 1:51 pm on Mar 15, 2012

This might be helpful for you http://teachhealthk-12.uthscsa.edu/

Julie Kautzer said

at 10:15 am on Feb 20, 2012

I want to take my anatomy class on a field trip, possibly to see cadavers, does anyone have any contacts for someone maybe at Madison, or maybe Milwaukee?

pmessling said

at 10:29 am on Feb 20, 2012

Hi Julie
I have taken my students to UW Whitewater and the contact person there is Dr. Peter Mesner. His email is mesnerp@uww.edu ; his phone is 262 749 1274.
I have also taken students to Marquette University in Milwaukee. The contact there is
Novotny, Diane [diane.novotny@marquette.edu] her tour times are: April 19th-20th (Thurs.-Fri.) 9am-3pm
April 23rd-26th (Mon.-Thurs.) 9am-3pm
April 30th- May 3rd (Mon.-Thurs.) 8am-3pm
Contact her soon because these fill up fast.

msearing@sheboygan.k12.wi.us said

at 10:24 am on Feb 20, 2012

Try Diane at Marquette: diane.novotny@marquette.edu
She may still have some openings

danameric@hotmail.com said

at 8:52 am on Feb 10, 2012

I just started using this site. It's so sweet!! I have students work at it untill they get 100% and give them lab credit. Here's an example for the veins http://www.purposegames.com/game/veins-arteries-of-neck-scin-1020-quiz
The main page is http://www.purposegames.com/
I just did a search for crayfish anatomy for my bio class and it had both external and internal.

Michelle Griffin-Wenzel said

at 1:15 pm on Feb 8, 2012

Two questions...
Is anyone going to NSTA -Indianapolis in March?
Does anyone know where I can purchase insulin for an endocrine lab? It seems like science supply companies like Science Kit, Flinn, etc. won't sell it because it needs a prescription.
Thanks. :)

fgrant@grafton.k12.wi.us said

at 8:34 am on Nov 3, 2011

pmessling said

at 2:17 pm on Nov 2, 2011

Does anyone have something spectacular for the endocrine system?? I am trying to add to this unit this year.

fgrant@grafton.k12.wi.us said

at 8:47 am on Nov 3, 2011

I did upload the file. Click on the "pages and files" tab, then click on the "all files tab on the sidebar".

fgrant@grafton.k12.wi.us said

at 8:45 am on Nov 3, 2011

Check the HAPS website. At NABT last year there was a presentation on teaching the endocrine system using a outline of a human on a poster. Then students used play-doe to make models of the glands in the endocrine system. She used the students completed models illustrate how the endocrine system works - students placed labels on the mats. I know this is not a very good decription,so check the website. http://www.hapsweb.org/

I am trying to figure out how to attach the body diagram. I use this for other systems as well. I had the art department print these off so they are full size. Then I laminated them. Good Luck

jeffa said

at 2:30 pm on Nov 2, 2011

I use the "Clicker Eric" Case study that you can find at http://sciencecases.lib.buffalo.edu/cs/ There are others on the endocrine system which you can search the site for but this one the kids get a kick out of. I needed to refresh my Endo knowlege before I did it so it did take an hour for me prep. Hope this helps!

Michelle Griffin-Wenzel said

at 7:47 am on Oct 12, 2011

Does anyone have a skin lab that students can complete in a 40-45 minute period?

jbrazzale said

at 10:33 am on Oct 12, 2011

Hi Michelle,
This idea kind of goes with the special senses lab during the nervous system, but it is a good one at seeing how skin at different parts of our body has different amounts of touch receptors. Follow this link: http://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/twopt.html#plan and if you click on the references link at the top of the page and then click on the experiments on the sense of touch...it is called the two point discrimination test. I like it and it has very good results that can be graph-able. Let me know via email if you need more info.

Dawn Pfaff said

at 8:20 am on Oct 12, 2011

Hi Michelle!
I am not teaching A and P this year :( but I did a lab in the past that had the students look at their own scars, hair, cuticles, moles/freckles under a dissecting scope. They needed to take pictures (this part we actually can't do anymore because the scope cameras don't work with the computers... sigh) of the unique features and label them. You could probably do something with digital photography? Now (with no live pictures) I have the students find awesome, gross, unique pictures online and insert them into a lab report for labeling. They are required to have a picture of skin at the cellular level, a hair, a scar, a tattoo or piercing, a mole or freckle and a fingernail. They need to compare and contrast the differences in these features (how is a cuticle different then skin, what is hair, how are piercings, tattoos permanent...). I hope this helps and that your year is off to a fantastic start!

Julie Kautzer said

at 6:41 am on Apr 5, 2011

I'm just starting an A&P class next year at our school, I was at the share session at WSST and everyone had great things to share. A bunch of people were talking about the anatomy in clay materials, I'm curious about that. I think I'll have a sort of generous start up budget, so if it's something worth getting, I want to know, where you get it from, how many sets you need and any other general suggestions anyone could give me. Or, if anyone has any other suggestions for starting up an A&P class, I'm more than willing to take some advice. Thanks!

pmessling said

at 9:17 am on Aug 23, 2011

Hi Julie
I purchased the materials 3 years ago and I absolutely love it!! I purchased 6 mannikens that I then split into right and left halves so each group of 2 students in a class of 24 are assigned one manniken to use for the year/semester. I made birth certificates with a contract for their responsibilities to maintain and keep the manniken in great shape. I then purchased the DVD that does a step by step with the class if you are interested in that for the first couple of times you use them. It was worth the $100 for it to get my classes going.

Cady said

at 4:03 pm on Mar 19, 2011

Great to see so many of you at the conference!

jbrazzale said

at 3:04 pm on Mar 22, 2011

Ditto from Prescott. Hey Dawn, nice avitar picture...haha:)

One thing that was brought up at the board meeting on Saturday was to let the principals of presenters know their generosity of letting their workers attend a conference was not unnoticed. I have already emailed two prinicpals and have gotten a thank you reply back. Maybe something to start thinking about. We need WSST to stay strong. I encourage all of you reading this, if you went to the Kalahari, to email a presenter's principal letting them know how much you gained from that session.

Michelle Griffin-Wenzel said

at 9:23 am on Mar 24, 2011

I agree that it is critical for administrators to know that attending WSST is a valuable part of professional development. I will email a few principals over the next couple of days.

Dawn Pfaff said

at 7:09 am on Mar 24, 2011

HAHA Jason - All my pictures are bigger then 200kb. I will work on it. Great idea on emailing principals. We may want to include a curriculum director in that as well.

Dawn Pfaff said

at 10:11 am on Mar 21, 2011

yes it was!!!

Kathy Cady said

at 10:54 am on Feb 18, 2010

I've got another great site we have been using for the Olympics this last week. It went along well with the muscular system. It is put out by Canada so I changed it to US olympians when I did it. You need to register (free) to use the site but it worked very well. Students loved it! "Road to Recovery" Activity at: http://www.olympicschool.ca/ Check it out under the Project Packet link.

scott stankowski said

at 3:23 pm on Feb 17, 2010

1. Jason and I again will be hosting the Anatomy and Physiology share session again this year, check it out and come
11am on Friday. Check it out also on the WSST conference website.
2. Check out this website, especially usefull for the cross country skiing stuff. Pass on to the physics teachers in your district!

Jennifer Johnson said

at 2:02 pm on Jan 14, 2010

Need Help! I have a student that is not able to make it through the class rat dissection... I need an alternative for her ASAP! Please e-mail any ideas to johnsonjennife@aasd.k12.wi.us. Thanks in advance for your help!

Kathy Cady said

at 11:45 am on Nov 25, 2009

NEED HELP ASAP!! Can anyone send me what they are teaching if they teach a year long class. I might be changing my anat/phys course from 1 semester to two and would appreciate any ideas of what you are doing in your year long courses. email me at cadyk@winneconne.k12.wi.us with your syllabi or what not. THANKS!!

Kathy Cady said

at 2:01 pm on Oct 25, 2009

Any one using smartboards in their classrooms? Do you have any particular items that you use that go well with it?

Kathy Cady said

at 1:46 pm on Oct 25, 2009

Ellen - To upload to the correct unit, please go to the page of that unit. Then click on the edit button and upload your file in the correct place on the page.

Ellen Goodman said

at 10:59 am on Oct 19, 2009

I'm new to uploading files and I don't think I'm doing it right. I click upload, but can't seem to be able to put it in the correct system. Any suggestions? I know I'm probably missing something basic, but that's me :)

Ellen Goodman said

at 10:50 am on Oct 19, 2009

I just started using this site about a year ago and I've gotten great ideas - thank you to all of you who post your activities. I'm going to be posting some of my own soon :)

Jennifer Johnson said

at 8:26 am on Oct 19, 2009

This is the 2nd year I have taught A&P, but I didn't teach it last year... I am thankful for everything you guys have posted, which is so helpful to me! As for WSST - I know I won't be there (unless we can provide written justification of how a conference helps meet our school writing goals, we cannot get the time off to attend).

scott stankowski said

at 6:53 am on Oct 18, 2009

How many people are using this??? Please comment? Also how many would like to see another share session at WSST? and what would you like to do there??

jbrazzale said

at 11:15 am on Sep 29, 2009

Hey gang,
Just trying to get some chatter started on this wiki...how much time per unit (say two weeks) do you devote towards lecturing? Just curious what all of you top notch anat/phys people are doing in the classroom. As always, thanks in advance;)
Jason B.

scott stankowski said

at 12:01 pm on Aug 28, 2009

Welcome back to the new year. We just had our first out of state inquiry so this thing is going NATIONAL!!!! Please help make this webpage rock for the upcoming school year. I am so proud of everyone who has helped out over the past year make this what it is! Have a great A+P year!

Cady said

at 5:44 am on May 30, 2009

I don't believe you could password protect just a page. You could make the wiki visible by only those that are members, but I think that would defeat some of the purpose of the wiki.

ChrisRanker said

at 10:06 am on May 29, 2009

We are rewriting curriculum in Fond du Lac and are looking for curriculum samples that may already be tied to standards. We are also using BYOC (build your own curriculum) to do this. If anyone has copies of curriculum to email us - we would REALLY appreciate it.

Chris Ranker
Julie Fitzpatrick
Kathy Lemke

jbrazzale said

at 9:34 pm on Apr 1, 2009

I, for one, love the idea of posting exams. I know I could make mine better by seeing what other people have to offer. My only hesitation is with the ability of students to stumble across this. Is it possible? Can we make a page that has a special login/password? I would probably like these and other questions answered first, even though most, if not all of us probably write new exams each year.

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