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Anatomy Web Links

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Please list (and link!) any valuable websites you use for your Anatomy and Physiology classes.  Also, please give a brief synopsis of what is on the site!


Anatomy arcade

http://www.anatomyarcade.com/ Review games, crosswords, and match games for different anatomy systems.  


Online Essential Study Partner (McGraw Hill)


This is a textbook supplement site that is available to anyone whether you use the book or not.  It has great lecture material, animations, and flash based quizzes for all of the chapters of the McGraw Hill Anatomy books.  Students find this site VERY useful for study and review.



Visible Body


This is a very cool site that allows you to manipulate what you see on the body.  You can turn on or off individual organs or entire systems and highlight and identify any of the parts.  It requires a free login and a browser plug-in but it is an incredibly valuable site!


University of Minnesota WebAnatomy


This site is housed by the University of Minesota and is a study site for their anatomy classes.  It has great reference material as wel as quizzes and study help.


Anatomy Atlases


Very nice reference of scanned anatomical atlasses.  Includes several different types of atlasses.


Historical Anatomies


This site includes many scanned versions of historical anatomy texts and references.  Very interesting for a historical perspective and some phenominal hand drawn anatomical artwork.


Videos of Surgical Procedures


This is quite possibly the most extensive list of stream-able surgeries I have seen.  Most are right around an hour long so there are no worries if you don't have block scheduling.  Most, if not all, systems are thoroughly represented and the latest technology is utilized in these.


Biology corner


I'm sure most of you know this one.  It's loaded with all manner of activities and info.


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